allow us to reintroduce ourselves

we began our stone education in 1975.

operating out of a warehouse, we built our relationships + learned about stone as any newbie would...by playing customer. 45 years later, we've been around the world and back, quite literally, and it's about time we shared a little piece of luxury with you. 

our pieces aim to showcase the natural beauty of each stone, sourced from the best quarries in the world. Brazil. Greece. India. Norway. Italy. Namibia. Spain. Iran. shall we go on?

we individually select every piece of stone and customize the cut based on the stone's grain. each piece is hand cut, polished + sealed. and most importantly, unlike traditional marble cutting, we aim to use every inch of the stone to product little or no waste. 

we are dedicated to being as environmentally conscious as possible and aim to include those elements in as much of our processing + packaging as we can