stone care

details + materials

one of a kind— each piece is cut to the stone's grain, a unique board that is remotely different from its neighbor. we would like to think that our boards are perfect but due to the natural stone there may be little imperfections here + there. 

support— some stones are more delicate than others + need a little mesh underneath, if yours has one, don't worry we left it there on purpose

protection— we include little felt feet to protect your surfaces, whether you choose to use them or not is up to you!

size— 4 x 4 in  |  5 x 5 in  |  7 x 14 in  |  7 x 18 in  |  12 x 12 in


tender loving care

hand wash only— gently + do not submerge in water (our stones are not the best swimmers...)

dry use recommendedstone is porous

what to avoid— although we seal our stones, we recommend avoiding oils, acidic products + colorful foods (e.g. turmeric, beets, berries) as they may stain, particularly the lighter ones


long term love

no knives, just love— scratching will occur over time

sealing— prolong your stone's vibrance. we've done it for you once but recommend sealing every 6 months. frequency will depend on use (dry use requires less frequency). here's a how to guide


sun bath

we'll keep it simple, granite loves its fun in the sun + can stand the heat

marble not so much, it may change color over time if placed in a consistently sun soaked spot



please recycle our packaging + melt down packing peanuts by running water over them in the sink